Spring 2016

Barely South Review Spring 2016

Greetings from balmy Norfolk, Virginia. Our Spring 2016 Issue of Barely South Review is an eclectic issue indeed. Our issue artwork “Oak” comes from Sarah Irvin‘s Ink Series. Discover more of her amazing work here. Our first story, Worker by Hannah Withers, was recently named an honorable mention in absentia for the Glimmertrain Emerging Writer’s Contest. Congrats Hannah! Next we have Taylor Tolchin’s haunting Father & sometimes his shadows and Kirsten Abel’s poem to an historical figure, Letter to Mrs. Annie Steilacoom, and our first nonfiction of the issue, Dandelion, by Staci Mercado. Travis Mossotti’s has two poems for our issue — Cruising Altitude and Kingdom Condom, and following those, the lone historical fiction of the issue, Ours by Marija Stajic. We have two throwback poems, culled by yours truly from the archives of The Dominion Review at the University of Wisconsin Madison Barely South‘s predecessor journal — in this issue: South Portugal by Kay Meier, and The Mighty Memory by Elena Stefoi, translated by Adam J. Sorkin and Mia Nazarie. Rounding out the issue we have Melissa Wiley’s Sleep’s End. Thus begins our craft segment of the issue — we have interviews with Cornelius Eady, Jenny BoullyMike Pearson and John McManus, for your perusing pleasure. Come visit us at Table 1224 at the AWP bookfair at the end of the month in Los Angeles, where we will be releasing our BSR 2015 Print Annual, and join us for our afternoon reading at The Park Restaurant of Echo Park, from 3:00-500 PM on Saturday, 2 April, presented in conjunction with Dynamo Verlag and Big Lucks Books. Finally, I would like to remind everyone that there’s one month left to submit to our 2016 Norton Girault Prize in Fiction. Submit here! Read vigorously,

-Caleb True, Managing Editor

Table of Contents

Worker [Fiction]
Father & sometimes his shadows [Poetry]
Letter to Mrs. Annie Steilacoom [Poetry]
Dandelion [Nonfiction]
Cruising Altitude [Poetry]
Kingdom Condom [Poetry]
Ours [Fiction]
South Portugal [Poetry]
The Mighty Memory [Poetry]
Sleep’s End [Nonfiction]
Interview with Cornelius Eady [Interview]
An Interview with Jenny Boully [Interview]
Interview with Mike Pearson [Interview]
An Early Afternoon Interview with John McManus [Interview]

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