Barely South Review began as The Dominion Review, an annual student literary journal housed at Old Dominion University in 1983. Following the creation of ODU’s graduate program in Creative Writing in 1994, The Dominion Review became a national journal of literature and the arts that throughout its illustrious run published writers such as Sue William Silverman, Diane Williams, Mark Cox, David Kirby, Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, Vivian Shipley, Kelly Cherry, Bryan D. Dietrich, and Billy Collins, among others. In 2008, the journal relaunched under the name Barely South Review as an online biannual publication staffed by students of the MFA program with issues every fall and spring. Today, BSR continues to feature innovative new voices alongside well-established writers, and recent writing from the journal has been included in the Best American Series.

2021-2022 Reading and Editorial Collective:

Managing Editor: Francesca Santos

Poetry Editors:  Kelsey Orsini

Poetry Readers: Matthew G. Moscato, Bridget Dolan, Tope Larayetan, Will Wilson

Fiction Editors: Amanda Kunkel, Serenity Marshall

Fiction Readers:  Sean Fitzpatrick, Anna Fogler, Dan Heck, Caitie Van Dore, James Valliere

Nonfiction Editor: Emma Comery

Nonfiction Readers: Briana Morris, Veni Fields, D’Andrea Brady, Kate Lewis

Editorial Advisory Board: Luisa A. Igloria, Benjamín Naka-Hasebe Kingsley, John McManus, Sheri Reynolds, Kent Wascom

Barely South Review Logo: Josephine A. Carino