Spring 2020 Volume 11.2

Barely South Spring 2020 Cover

A special thank you to our cover artist: Angie Hedman.

ODU College Poetry Prize Winners

Matthew Olive (Graduate Winner) | Allowed to watch, I don’t
Tracy Rice Weber (Graduate Winner) | Simple Comfort
Briel Felton (Undergraduate Winner) | All my mother’s rambling


Natasha Deonarain | Sonata Dedicated to the Idea of an Exploratory Laparotomy
Andrew Jarvis | Osteology
Alexis Kruckeberg | Bell Pepper | In Which I Consider Calling My Step-Father About Fried Venison Bits
Erika Luckert | Altar
Forrest Rapier | The Book of Ruth
M. Bartley Seigel | Fourteener for the Restless in the Middle of the Night
David Swerdlow | Nightstand | Ride Home | Underpass in Istanbul
Alex Thomas | Pastoral
John Sibley Williams | Leaving Coins on the Eyes of the Living


Amy Ballard | The Bleak Wood
James Braun | You Are Sunshine, Only Sunshine
Devan Brettkelly | The V Formation
Chase Holland | True, Blue, Mess
Martin Ott | Wall of Shame


Jason Arment | Zacatecas
Katherine Brown | Finding Robert
Frederica Morgan Davis | Country Roads
Thad DeVassie | Those Misfiring Synapses
Kevin Kearney | Falling Hard
Chaya Murali | The Writing on Our Heads
Toti O’Brien | Hush
Judy T. Oldfield | The Limits of Liminality
Warren Stoddard | Through All That Angry Air