Rebecca O’Bern

make amends with all the lilies at the cemetery     father kevin tells me     your mother still

recedes into the soil, & will for a while     new life will sprout of bone     yet these flowers of

memory wilt daily     (how to befriend petals of lost time)     even the thought is laughable &    

so I laugh, crush a bloom     try to lift my spirit as it falls to earth     just as I carried her to the

bathroom     then into her special chair at the nursing home     in fact, yes     I transform every

flower, blade of green grass     sapling, yes, sapling     into a single spoon, silver     here we go

polish with antique cloth, & place deliberately    onto the headstone     yes, there you are, peace 


Author Bio

Rebecca O'Bern headshot

Rebecca O’Bern is associate poetry editor of Mud Season Review. Her work has been published in Ample Remains, Black Coffee Review, Hartskill Review, Storm Cellar, Buddhist Poetry Review, and other journals. A recipient of the Leslie Leeds Poetry Prize, she’s also received honors from UCONN, Connecticut Poetry Society, and Arts Café Mystic. She’s a graduate of the MFA Program at Southern Connecticut State University, where she taught in the English Department. Find her on Twitter @rebeccaobern.