Spring 2022 Volume 13.2

Untitled - June 25, 2022 16.41.41

A special thank you to our cover artist: Marjorie Gowdy
More of her work can also be found here



Hosanna Greene| Postpartum
George Perreault| sitting on a bench at a brethren’s school in bridgewater, virginia
Bryan Price| The Hawk in the Tree
Haley Winans| 3am Booty Call to the Earth
James Swansbrough| Obsequies
Kelsey Smoot| Vicarious


Kelly Schoenegge| A Body in Motion
Miriam Kotzin| Rosie Married Down
Becca Saul| Here is Grace
Katie Strine| Safe House
Roger D’Agostin| This is What Happens When the Doctor Tells You You’re Dying
Elizabeth Rosen| Hey Boy
Claire Massey| In a Wayward Garden


John Randall| All Roads Are Crossing (2020)
Michelle DeLiso| Clean Slate
Angela Wright| Hue and Cry
Evan Massey| Butterfly
Anneli Matheson| The Resistance Blooms
Geoff Watkinson| The Whirl of the World
Kerry Graham| Waitlist
Marcy Nicholas| Words of the Day
Joanna Acevedo| You, Dr. Martin