January 2011

Well Deck, John Doucette

Welcome to the January 2011 issue of Barely South Review, the new literary journal in electronic format housed in Old Dominion University’s MFA in Creative Writing program!

We’ve departed from our usual format to bring you this special issue of interviews with our articles about the authors who participated in the33rd Annual Old Dominion University Literary Festival. The University was host to a group of diverse poets and fiction and nonfiction writers who then graciously agreed to work with us on this issue. The idea was to give our readers a peek into the writing lives and styles of published authors–perhaps one of them will strike a chord with you, or you’ll read something you can use in your own writing.

Many of the articles have links at the bottom to works by the authors. Please check them out, and check out the complete works by these writers. They’re fine artists and terrific people.

Table of Contents

An Interview with Author Blake Bailey
Moving Objects: Transformation as Crisis Action in Bonnie Jo Campbell’s “The Trespasser”
The Trespasser
Highways of Connectivity: Author, Ted Conover and The Routes of Man
From The Routes of Man
A Triptych of Interviews with Natalie Diaz
How to Love a Woman with No Legs
A Painful Joy: Brenda Flanagan Talks Craft
Eating Treyf with Rodger Kamenetz
Randall Kenan’s Use of Double Plots
From There Is a Man Going Round Taking Names
Put Your Ass in a Chair and Write: Dennis Lehane breaks the mystique of storytelling
Lessons Learned, Lessons Shared: ODU M.F.A. Graduate Sarah McCoy
From Mercy Seasons
Ruination and Redemption: The Complicated History of Wilbert Rideau
From In the Place of Justice
Living the Question: An Interview with Seni Seneviratne
After Qana – July 30th 2006
L’inconnue de la Seine
Testimony of Baby Haydova