Fall 2021 Volume 13.1

Untitled - December 19, 2021 09.50.57

A special thank you to our cover artist: Susan Solomon
Her newest work can be found on her IG account @solomon.painter



Sarah Swinford| Walpurgis Night
Maggie Wolff| Home Was a Bruised Knee and Still We Danced
Megan J. Arlett| ROUGAROU| Deerman
William Brymer| Hale-Bopp, 1997
Sarah Swinford| Elegy for the Overgrown Tastebud
Scarlett Person| I Should Have Been a Horse Girl


Thomas Misuraca| False Memory
D.E. Lee| The Judas Window
Jeremy Lim| Fragments
Cyndy Cendagorta| Ten O’Clock Girls
Robert Walton| One Stone
Lucy Zhang| Garlic Garden
Mary Lynn Reed| Imagination
Cathy Beaudoin| No Way Out


Lindsey Clark| Big, Giant
Sophie Ezzell| Folding Wish
JC Reilly| Return to Assateague
Ramona Reeves| Stunning Vistas
Katherine Sinback| Tell Me Who Are You
Brett Riley| The Functions of Friction and Surface Tension
Lisa Williams| Vespara
Robert E. Penick| Cinema
Marina Stevenson| Points of Connection