Fall 2017


Sisters at Home in the Ebb Shelby Hieter
Myself, a Barbed Wife  Daniel Lassell
Riot  Adeiza Atureta
Aubade with Cannibal Dawn Christos Kalli
The Lump  David Golding
The Signal  Lana Spendl
They Are So Like Our Own AJ Atwater
Republican LaRue Cook
Creative Nonfiction
Salad Kid Courts Oblivion  Tyler Sones
Another April 20th Deborah Thompson

2017 ODU College Poetry Prize: Graduate

[[Title]] Amanda Gomez (Winner)
[[Title]] Amanda Galvan Huynh (Honorable Mention)

2017 ODU College Poetry Prize: Undergraduate

[[Title]] Paryn Grodi (Winner)
[[Title]] Willie Wilson (Honorable Mention)

2017 Norton Girault Prize in Creative Nonfiction

[[Title]] [[Author]] (Winner)
[[Title]] [[Author]] (Honorable Mention)

Interviews from the 40th Annual Literary Festival –