mccaela prentice   


I thought love should look like anything,
so why not you? on the cross street
I am idle. the cough medicine expired.
the elderflower liqueur went untouched.
so what if I stirred the cocktail with
a carving knife? my fever broke and every pill
was punched out through the aluminum.
I of course treated you like any other
ailment. I stayed in bed and pressed
the warm cloth to my eyes. I wished you gone,
and then you were. the street lights crackle as I
think of crushing bulbs between my hands
the same day that I bandage them.

 Author Bio 

McCaela Prentice (she/her) is living and writing in Astoria, NY. She awaits the Percy Jackson renaissance. Her poems have previously appeared in HAD, Ghost City Review, and Perhappened. Her full length poetry collection “PULP PROPHET” was published in 2023 with Musing Publications.