For Judy and Sue O’Toole

roger camp   
Coming down the chute
a couple of shooting stars,
the Gemini of their universe.
Neonates clutching finger-toe,
one towing the other
like twin barges
on the canal Saint-Martin.
The lock dammed at the Seine
the trailing barge
bumps relentlessly
bow to stern, head to heel.
Ten years downstream
one twin aground,
the other floating free
confined bank to bank
by the unsighted memory
kicking her sister brainless.
Artist Bio
Roger Camp lives in Seal Beach, CA where he muses over his orchids, walks the pier, plays 
blues piano and spends afternoons reading under an Angel’s Trumpet with a charm of 
hummingbirds. When he’s not at home, he’s photographing in the Old World. His work has 
appeared in Gulf Coast, Southern Poetry Review and Nimrod. 


Roger Camp