Confession Concerning the Moon

by Elizabeth Langemak

“I admit that the spots are seas, I admit that the bright areas are land.”
—Johannes Keper, considering the moon.

I admit that the moon
is not quite itself.  I tell

you I’ve made an earth
of its surface with dark

spots for seas and light
spans of land.  Through

this scope I have managed
to see what I want: air

I could take and rivers
engraved through each

hill.  Is there nothing
so remote it resists

us, nothing so foreign
it cannot stand our mark?

In the moon I confess
I have seen my face

reflected paler but brighter
in a mirror too distant to touch.


Elizabeth Langemak’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in journals such as Subtropics, 32 Poems, The Bellingham Review, Gulf Coast,Ninth Letter, The Cincinnati Review, and Best New Poets: Fifty Poems by Emerging Writers.  She currently lives in Bethany, West Virginia.