Spring 2021 Volume 12.2

Untitled - April 29, 2021 15.37

A special thank you to our cover artist: Edward Lee



Milica Mijatović| Monday
Holly Lyn Walrath| Sacrum
Madison Rahner| Between King Tides in the Holy City| Crow Bones
Eszter Takacs| Overprotected| Oracle of Britney
Sara Jeanine Smith| Every White Star
Allyn Bernkopf| Discovery of Pear
Romana Iorga| The Necessity of Being Lonely
Josh Dugat| On Ross Dam
Rebecca O’Bern| there-there


Benjamin Kessler| Hall of Meat
Corley Longmire| Because They Can Get Lost
Rhea Basu| Pigeon Man
Jon Doyle| Try to Catch Her Smiling
Ahlana Hirschfield| How to Swim A Witch
Ken Elliot| Reveille


Wendy Swift| The Abortion
Mike Wilson| Sam at the Bar & Grill
Madeline Marquardt | Sunshine’s Mixed Media Art Museum
Diane Balch| My Sister is a Bird
Ed Davis| Little Lord of Courthouse Castle
Rachele Salvini| Nothing
Hannah VanderHart| The Wedding Dress and the Dead Fox
Zackary Vernon| The Danger of Oral History
Ed McCourt| Issue Forth from the Heedless Earth