Spring 2019 Volume 10.2

BSR Spring 2019 Cover final

A special thank you to our feature cover artist: Esther Kirshenbaum.


Kaveh Akbar | The Horses Were Once Men Like Us
Myronn Hardy | City of Saudade
Lilia Dobos | Funhouse Mirror
Rebecca Bedell | Eve Testifies as Adam
David Midkiff | without question, why
Sarah Cozort | The Eye & Its Pupil
Samia Afreen | Another Evening
John Sibley Williams | “It’s only an island if you look at it from the water” | Stamina
Madeline Grigg | Regarding the Electrical Conduction System of the Human Heart
Robin LaMer Rahija | Our Melancholy Fates | All Caves Speak
Jacalyn Shelley | Crayfish Logic
Derek Berry | Below the Graniteville Mill
James Wyshynski | At a stoplight, I look up
Bryce Berkowitz | Illinois Breakdown


Ren Hlao | First Shots of the Civil War
Gabriel Smith | Transubstantiation
Alanna Weissman | Parts
Jeff Hoffmann | Taped Together
Mason Binkley | Switcheroo
Katherine Hyon | X-Ray
James J. Hatfield | Lugnut
Randy Shelley | El Camino
Kim Bonner | Bloom
David Desjardins | The Dark
Mary Cool | Paper Girl


Quintan Ana Wikswo | Dearly Beloved We Are Gathered here with Our Fists in Place
Susan Knox | Burning to Write—An A to Z Reflection
Rebecca Lanning | Extended Child’s Pose with Hands in Prayer
Ciara Alfaro | The Art of Changing Clothes
Cheryl Wilder | Where Are We Going After This?
Jim McDermott | Shenandoah Blues
Elizabeth Theriot | No other fount I know
Robert Rickelman | Awake in the ICU
Stephen Benz | Haibun: Stopover in Bend
Adrienne Pine | Sam and Lelor
Shaun Turner | Grocery Store: A Form of Public Assistance
Storey Clayton | Cars with Strangers
Chila Woychik | A Rural October – 8 Days