Fall 2019 Volume 11.1


A special thank you to our cover artist: Roger Camp.


Norton Girault Literary Prize in Fiction

William Auten (Winner) | Many and Many a Year Ago
Margarita Meklina (Honorable Mention) | Stitching Together


Emma Rose Gowans | Obituary for Mary
Shawn Anto | Dissection
George Franklin | Pink Neon in North Louisiana | Sightseeing
Dimitri Reyes | On the 7th Day
Chad Foret | Forgetting Grand Isle | Mercy
Adie Marg | The Pomegranate
Bill Ayres | Good Morning


Neeru Nagarajan | Witch Hunt
Bill Smoot | Tongue and Teeth
Jenn Blair | Daughter
Lonormi Manuel | Early Spring
Michelle Meyers | And the Sun Was Shining


Daniel Uncapher | People Have Names
Susan Wilson | Luna Moth
Bradley Beau Holland | Recurring Waves
Alex Pickens | Sometimes I Wonder About the Birds
Megan Ayers | Preparations
Dustin M. Hoffman | A Better Trap
Sam Rose | Ars Poetica: A Girl Called Poetry