Fall 2018 Volume 10.1


Norton Girault Literary Prize in Poetry

Rochelle Potkar | To Daraza
Liz Robbins | And Life Grants My Wish


Hayes Cooper | By and By
Jennifer E. Brown | Okoromai
Hannah Yoest | Emperor Goodbyes
McKayla Conahan | The First House of Myrtle | The Last House of Myrtle
Kristene Kaye Brown | Upon Seeing My Tumor On An X-Ray | First Shower After Surgery | Day After Chemotherapy: Waking Up | Day After Chemotherapy: I Can’t Eat, So I Make You Breakfast Instead | Refrain In Retrospect
Angie Macri | Water Cycle
Ian Bodkin | AmericaHow to Begin?
Ella Flores | Heirloom Acoustics
Dennis Goza | Memoir: The Age’s Axes
Carl Boon | My Lai
Matt Comi | Song for Kansas II
Timothy Richardson | The Cardboard Hand
Nick Alti | Wounding Anatomy


Erin Jamieson | Home
Scott Hughes | On Air
Kay Sobjack | The South Dies Every Day
Casey McConahay | Drowning
Kaia Preus | The Deluded
Marvin Shackelford | Dinner Early in The Millennium
Hannah Schultz | The Ghost in the Attic
Barney T. Haney | Niece and Uncle
Asha Azariah-Kribbs | Something’s Under the Bed


Cindy Carlson | On Memory
McKenzie Zalopany | Drinking Dead Birds
Katacha Díaz | Where the Boys Are
Dan Morey | Daytrip to Tivoli
Bree Pye | Sunkist
Kristine Langley Mahler | A Little, A Ton
Marlena Fiol | Home
Savannah Brooks | How to Fight
Rachel M. Reis | Him
J. M. Jones | The Twos
David Rock | Meditation on a Neighbor Pruning a Crabapple Tree on a Cold October Morning

Featured Artist

David Bonagurio | Aether | Solid as Bone | Endurance | Youth | Lightly | Mammoth

2018 ODU-Poetry Society of Virginia-Academy of American Poets College Poetry Prize

Donya Price | Hues of Blackness
Briel Felton | Lessons of Anatomy from a Former Pre-Med Student
Nishat Ahmed | Snapshots of the Body as a Bomb
Hannah Trammell | A Man Named Richard Once Made Me Want to Light an Office Max Store on Fire