About this issue…



  In our first themed issue, we asked writers to submit pieces that addressed friendship and loss. We were purposely vague; we wanted to allow this gentle nudge to unleash creativity, to show us what it means from individual to individual, to see how that idea took shape in the work we received. We were ready to be surprised, delighted, and enchanted- and we were.

    For the first time ever, we also invited Old Dominion students to submit work for consideration. This was a blind judging, and our winners are being displayed under the header “Our Writers, Our Voices.” 

We hope you enjoy reading this themed issue of Barely South Review,“On Friendship and Loss.”

Spring ’23 Masthead:

Managing Editor: Serenity Marshall

Poetry Editor: Tope Larayetan

Poetry Readers: Bridget Dolan, John Burnside, Samantha New

Fiction Editor: Quentin Steadman

Fiction Readers:  Sean Fitzpatrick, Dan Heck, Caitie Van Dore, Rebekah Broussard, Henry Stevens, Elena Knudsen, Gloria Ekedum, Helena Edge

Nonfiction Editor: Veni Fields

Nonfiction Readers: Kate Lewis, Lacy Woods, Will Blair

Editorial Advisory Board: Luisa A. Igloria, John McManus, Kent Wascom, Molly McCully Brown