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Dear Readers,

When it came time for us to plan this year’s fall issue of Barely South Review, we thought about our success with issues 8.01 and 8.02. We considered the Hampton Roads region: the geography, sites, atmosphere. We thought about the many adventures each of us had taken and how they all lead us to the present day. Some of the stories shared by team members were dark and scary, others were uplifting and joyful. The plethora of memories and ideas we shared over the course of multiple team meetings and late-night engagements at the local bars in Norfolk, led us to the decision to have the fall 2017 issue capture the fantastical element of memories as basis for human existence. The writers in this issue weave lies and truths with complex histories of reclamation and abandonment with strings of language and the surreal.

The stories, essays, and poems chosen for the fall issue of BSR were selected between January 2017 and May 2017. For fiction, BSR brings to you LaRue Cook, AJ Atwater, and David Golding. For nonfiction: Tyler Stones, Deborah Thompson, and the 2017 Norton Girault Literary Prize winner Christy Shick for her essay “Pinehurst.” Last but not least, the poetry in this fall’s issue comes from Christos Kalli, Adeiza Atureta, Daniel Lassell, and Shelby Hieter.

As an added bonus, for the first time ever, the pages of BSR will be shared with chilling illustrations by artist Nicholas Sutherland. These paintings take the desire for attention and combine it with the torture of participation. The end result is an ominous and shadowy scenery with a sense of enchantment and play.

Before you is a monster of a journal—dive into its pages and be careful, for who knows what beasts may find their way to you. Order your copy of this issue today!


The Editors

fall 2017

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