Aunt Sam

by M. Wright

speak into these palms
the labors of motherhood
& loss.

Gouge these hands
like a riverbed
with your screams

& we will
capture them
for you.

& we will wait for your words
to snap
the threads

holding together the universe
& when
you’ve been heard

we will climb
above this threshold
to sew life

back into this.



M. Wright is a writer and full-time graduate student. He received his bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Minnesota and is the winner of Weisman Art Museum’s “Poetry ArtWords” 2015 contest. His poems have recently been published in Ivory Tower, Pilcrow & Dagger, and (forthcoming in) the Saint Paul Almanac. In 2017 he will also be one of the 24 featured poets in the Saint Paul Almanac’s “Impressions Project” series.

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